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X-Ball Scoreboard Set

The special paintball set is an absolute need for the tournaments and other paintball competitions, the only and the most professional way to get the results regulated by the rules.

The Sponsor of Grand Tour Champ

The Beepscoreboard is the sponsor of the Grand Tour European Paintball Championship since the beginning.

Beep scoreboard sale!

Beep scoreboard company is pleased to announce great sale for all kinds of scoreboard sets!

3 types of scoreboard sets are available:
1. Complete set (including the main large size board)
2. Budget set ( including the main small size board – without team names)
3. Small set (without the main board)

All sets are in good condition – were used on a few Millennium events.

Don’t miss a chance to equip your field with reliable scoreboard system and reduce your costs!

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Interview on SOPTV

Welcome to the World of BEEP Scoreboards!

TRIADA Company introduces X-Ball Scoreboard Set and Tactical Scoreboard Set!

The newest paintball-specific scoreboard in Europe is setting new standards for the genre. Our eponymous product debuted during the ’08 Millennium and Centurio Series.

Our entry into paintball came three years ago when the Eastern Paintball League—Centurio Circuit—came to Lviv, Ukraine. There our engineers saw an opportunity to meet the needs with a local product. Moreover, we decided to make paintball scoreboards lighter and more compact for ease of travel, which helps budgets and streamlines field setup.

Now our Beep Scoreboard division boasts three products aimed specifically at center-flag, X-Ball and Millennium –style play. The flagship product is the X-Ball Scoreboard set, which features ten-character displays for team names. On a separate panel, below the team name, is a square for displaying that team’s current score. A fifth panel has the game time remaining, along with the time remaining in the between-points timeout. There are options to add penalty-box countdown panels, and by special order they can configure just about any sort of display.

The big news here is the modularity of the board—each part of the display operates and mounts independently of the others, saving a considerable amount of material…and thus a considerable amount of weight. Measuring only two meters wide by about half a meter tall, with plenty of space between the panels, the overall scoreboard isn’t very heavy…or prone to catching the wind and blowing over. The panels mount to a steel frame, or can hang from an announcer’s box, railing, or any other portable or permanent fixture field-side. After the event, the panels come down, the wires disconnect, and everything fits in a single plastic case… …along with the backup power supply: 12volt batteries. A single 12v battery can power the sign for upwards of ten hours, providing power should the electricity go out, or in case there aren’t enough cables to bring the juice all the way to the backfield.

Beep Scoreboards also has a tactical model, which is designed as a streamlined version to appeal to smaller fields, smaller events, and practice venues. It features two point displays—one for each team. This special scoreboard begs for a special format—instead of counting down time, it counts up points. Two cables connect two different-colored buttons to the board, and refs can put the buttons anywhere they like on the field. When one team captures their opponents’ button—instead of a flag—the capturing team’s score starts slowly going up, one point every ten seconds, until the other team captures the other button and clicks the points over in their favor.

The displays use red LEDs, and the compact unit hangs from just about any structure field-side already—even a tree if need be. The single-pane unit is only a third the size of the X-Ball model, and can be integrated into the X-Ball setup for creative applications.

The displays are set either by a keyboard, or by radio remote, and behind the panels is a horn to open and close the games—the “beep” in “Beep Scoreboards.” Each unit also has one button on a long cable that connects to each of the two teams’ pits, so coaches can surrender points and stop the clock directly.

There’s a computer chip at the heart of the controls, and it can be programmed for just about any paintball format—standard chips are already CPL, SPL and XBall Lite –compliant.

It’s not a revolution in the game, so much as a revolution in making big-ticket events more portable and site-friendly.

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